The company was founded in 1969 with the aim of trading the fresh fruit of the area. Along the years, the company has widened its economic activity through:

  • Expansion of the crop producing area. The company owns farmland in the regions of Lleida, Tarragona and Huesca.
  • Own production of a wide range of fresh fruit.
  • Two handling and packaging plants in Alcarràs and Albesa, which can process up to 45 tons of fruit per hour.
  • Cold storage capacity with the latest technology allows for the preservation of 15000 tons of fruit in optimal conditions for both medium and long term preservation.

The result of this expansion is reflected in a bigger international presence endorsed by our brands PAULA, ZESCINCA, PEROTY.

Our farmlands and our associated farmers’ farmlands are located in areas of favourable to crops for its climatic conditions. This allows for early harvesting of the crops which have its own differentiated qualities.

Our production methods are respectful whit the human health and environmentally friendly. We prioritize the use of alternatives fo chemicals, such as the biologic plague control systems, use of mass traps and pheromones for sexual confusion.

The specialized harvesting process is done by qualified agricultural staff. This allows for the product to be traked from the moment that it is picked in the fields until it reaches the final consumer.

We are certified for the Global GAP.

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